Videonale on Tour Glasgow 2011

GoMA - Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow

From 27 August–27 November 2011 GoMA was screening a selection of artworks from Videonale.13, the 13th edition of the biennial festival for contemporary video art which is held in Bonn, Germany.


The shown artists were:

Almagul Menlibayeva (11,30) 

Nate Harrison (14,10) 

Erik Levine (16,20)

Melanie Manchot (10,20) 

Henrik Lund Jörgensen (5,36)

Janet Biggs (10,28)

Reynold Reynolds (10 min) 

Rachel Perry Welty (5,50) 

Ran Huang (15) 

Helena Öhmann McCardle (9)


These highlights were chosen by the festival’s curator, Georg Elben, from a total of 48 shown works.
The full programme for this year’s festival and the exhibition catalogue are available for viewing in the gallery where the highlights are being screened.


Videonale has been running for 27 years. It offers an excellent, up-to-date introduction to recent video art from around the world and demonstrates the quality and variety of work being produced whilst highlighting shared interests in thematic content and working methods.


We are grateful to all the staff, funders and partners behind Videonale.13. In particular we would like to thank the Goethe Institute, Glasgow, for their support towards this presentation.


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