In the project ZUFALL (CHANCE) children and adolescents take part in multi-day workshops which focus on theatre, creative writing and audio production and deal with video works presented at VIDEONALE.15.



Workshops with children and young adults within the framework of VIDEONALE.15


Final Presentation of the Project:

Saturday, 18 April 2015, 11-12 am in Kunstmuseum Bonn


The thematic framework of the workshops is the question how chance, or the seemingly coincidental, determine one’s life and can cause it to take an unexpected turn. Personal, social and cultural concepts of a linear, supposedly ideal career shape the everyday life of children and young adults. The artistic workshops, in contrast to this, focus on the non-linear, on unexpected twists and turns and disruptions, and in this way reveal the individual moments which influence the journey through life.


In the exploration of selected video works from VIDEONALE.15, whose themes and structures are relevant to this issue, the participants examine the significance of “chance” in their own lives from a personal point of view, making use of the artistic approach of theatre, audio production and creative writing.


Cutting as an important stylistic element of media production in general, and video art in particular, and the editing of material which is frequently heterogeneous and non-linear in its narrative, giving rise to new meaningfulness and structures, are an ideal starting point for this enquiry. In all workshops the participants are encouraged to work with the media (video, audio, text) themselves and create their own works.


Workshop leaders:Susanne Heincke, Bettina Heuel-Marugg, Frank Heuel, Lothar Kittstein, Annette Ziegert


The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of its project “Cultural Ambassadors in Society –

Culture and Media in Everyday Life” (


In cooperation with the Berthold-Brecht-Comprehensive in Bonn-Tannenbusch and Bonn’s Fifth Comprehensive.