Videonale e.V.


Videonale e.V.- Association for the Advancement of Cultural Awareness in the Audio-Visual Field is committed to the presentation, mediation and promotion of contemporary works of video art and time-based art forms as well as to the conservation and study of its historical inheritance.


One of the association’s most important functions is organising an international festival of video art. Since it first took place in 1984, the VIDEONALE – Festival of Contemporary Video Art has been held every two years and, with its ambitious programme of video presentations, exhibitions, lectures and performances, soon became one of the most important festivals for video and time-based art in Germany and Europe. The participants included such pathfinders as Dara Birnbaum, Lynn Hershman, Klaus vom Bruch, Gary Hill, Keren Cytter, Marcel Odenbach, Bill Viola and Christian Jankowski. For many of these artists, VIDEONALE was the first chance to present their work to an international public. To this day VIDEONALE has remained true to its founding principle of casting light on the current trends in time-based art and presenting these to the general public. It continues to focus on the advancement of aspiring young artists, while also presenting established positions of video art.


Initially at home in the Bonn Kunstverein, since 2005 Videonale has been using the rooms of the Bonn Kunstmuseum. It acts as a supplement to the museum’s collection of video art donated by patron and art collector Ingrid Oppenheim who, in the late 70s, laid the symbolic foundations of today’s VIDEONALE.
Since it moved to the museum, the association has organised the VIDEONALE  as an exhibition which runs for several weeks and presents up to 40 works of video art, together with a festival programme of talks by artists, roundtable discussions, performances and lectures. Since 2013 the programme has been augmented by the VIDEONALE.Parcours, with additional exhibitions at various locations in Bonn, as well as retrospectives showing innovative positions of video art.


Since the removal to the museum, the investigation and development of new ways of presenting video art in museum spaces has been the subject of particular attention. For every VIDEONALE, a new designer-architect team is invited to develop the exhibition architecture.


During the time between the biennial VIDEONALE exhibitions, the association organises Elektronenströme (streams of electrons), a series of lectures dealing with current discussions and positions of video art, as well as the film-art series VIDEONALE.scope, a yearly series of retrospectives on filmmakers dealing with the interfaces between film and video art. The association further tours its programme as Videonale on Tour with presentations at institutions worldwide.