1984 - 2004


Videonale Bonn was launched in 1984 as an international festival and competition of video art that took place every two years. Today, Videonale Bonn is said to be one of the oldest and most renowned festivals for video art in Germany and Europe. It is a platform for emerging and already recognized artists.


This organization was first stationed in the art association of Bonn. However, with its new director Georg Elben it moved to the art museum of Bonn in 2004. Since then, parallel to its festival Videonale has been focusing on the exhibition of video art in the spaces of the art museum of Bonn. The exhibition lasts four weeks and presents around fifty international works that are selected by an expert jury. A diverse program accompanies the festival as well as the exhibition. The program includes a symposium, workshops, lectures, presentations by art students, cooperation with universities and specific educational programs for different visiting groups.


In addition to qualitative video works that Videonale presents, it made its mark via development and research of new forms of presentation in the museological context. A team of architects and designers is invited to every Videonale in order to produce a technical as well as creative exhibition architecture. As, until now, there were few convincing solutions in this area, Videonale carries out pioneering work, for which it also receives great acceptance from professionals of this field.


For several years, Videonale on Tour has been striving to expand Videonale's presentation from the art museum to different international institutions; screenings and exhibitions were carried out in 2007/2008 in following institutions: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid / Spain, Goethe-Institute, Bangalore / India, Artos Foundation / Cyprus, MONA Inner Spaces, Poznan / PL, Insa Art Space, Seoul / Korea.


The association also organises events and exhibitions of video art between the Videonale-years. A series of lectures called Elektronenströme (Electron Streams) takes place on a monthly basis. Scholars, artists and curators talk about current tendencies in video art. In addition, in 2007 a workshop for curators was organised together with the Montag Stiftung in Bonn.


A workshop for adolescents took place in 2008 and explored the topic of pain and violence in contemporary video art. Over the last four years, the association carried out solo exhibitions with Christian Jankowski, M+M and Thomas Steffi in the art museum of Bonn. Since 2008, Videonale has been a member of ADVK, Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Kunstvereine (consortium of German art associations).

[Translation: Irene Noy]