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Press Release March 2013

Advance notice:

Video night with works by Christian Jankowski
Sunday, June 16 2013 at 6 pm at the LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn


Christian Jankowski wins the Videonale Prize of the KfW Stiftung 2013. From the 41 video works nominated, the six-member jury selected the artist’s video work “Casting Jesus”.



Press Release February 2013

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

zum 14. Mal präsentiert die Bonner VIDEONALE im Kunstmuseum Bonn aktuelle Videoarbeiten aus ihrem internationalen Wettbewerb.


Press Release January 2013

This year, with the Videonale Parcours, VIDEONALE.14 reaches out beyond the museum into Bonn’s Macke district. In cooperation with Bonn institutions, project rooms and the -1/MinusEins experimental laboratory of KHM Cologne, Videonale creates a programme of 12 exhibition projects. All the works can be viewed during the opening weekend from February 14 to 17, 2013.


All locations, informations on the art works and longer viewing periods, please find below or see


Presse Release December 2012

VIDEONALE.14 – Festival of Contemporary Video Art
Exhibition from february 15 to april 7 in the Kunstmuseum Bonn

Festival programme of the VIDEONALE.14 for the opening weekend (february 15-17) and the duration of the exhibition.


With Kenneth Anger and Gary Hill, two of the most important contemporary film and Video artists are guests at VIDEONALE.14. Their retrospectives, with film programmes and lectures are among the highlights of the extensive festival programme on the opening weekend and during the whole exhibition, With round tables, discussions with artists, performances and workshops, the fourteenth Videonale will once again provide a comprehensive overview of current artistic practices, of current debates on video art and developments in the art market. With its 13 exhibition projects the Videonale Parcours complements the programme around the Kunstmuseum Bonn and Bonn’s Macke district


Press Release November 2012

VIDEONALE.14 – a Festival of Contemporary Video Art
From February 15 to April 7 2013 in the Kunstmuseum Bonn


The young man with the gun knows no mercy – Michal Kosakowski transfers the murder fantasies of his interview partner into a fictional portrayal. The resulting work,  “Zero Killed”, is a challenge to the moral principles of the viewer. This video work is an example of how media art currently explores new documentary techniques and is one of the 41 positions on display at VIDEONALE.14 in the Kunstmuseum Bonn.