Videonale at FIKTIVA media arts festival in Dusseldorf (Oct 8, 2017)

Video program in the context of Fiktiva media arts festival (Oct 5-8, 2017)


As part of the official Fiktiva parcours through the old town of Dusseldorf Videonale will present a video program with earlier Videonale works at Filmmuseum / Black Box. Works by the following artists can be seen: von Henrik Lund Jørgensen, Ulu Braun, Antti Tanttu, Mahdi Fleifel, Jasmin Bigler & Nicole Weibel, Susanne Wiegner.


Date: Sunday, October 8th 2017 at 10pm


CARAMBOLAGE – Radio-Performance, public workshop-presentation and artist talk

At „Dialograum der Kreuzung an Sankt Helena” Maia Urstad (city sound artist bonn 2017 / Bergen, Norway) and Dirk Specht (Cologne) present the results of their two-day workshop in a public radio performance.
In the following artist talk Maia Urstad will speak about her artist work with Carsten Seiffarth (curator and artistic director bonn hoeren) and Raoul Mörchen.


VIDEONALE.16 Festivalprogram

The exhibition of VIDEONALE.16 is accompanied by a wide-ranging festival program, which includes discussions with artists, performances, round-table discussions, retrospectives, tours, workshops and educational programs during the opening weekend and the whole exhibition period.


All information about the program

Video works in the living rooms of Bonn - Moderated video nights on the occasion of VIDEONALE.16

People from Bonn open their living rooms and invite you for a moderated video night with video works from the VIDEONALE.16 exhibition [VIDEONALE.16 will take place at Kunstmuseum Bonn from Feb 17th through April 2nd, 2017].


The title for each night gives a first idea about the topic and video work which will be presented.

The entrance is free and opens 30 min before we start with the screening. There's limited space, so please arrive in time (no prior registration necessary).  



Subversive Practices Behind the ‘Iron Curtain’: Ion Grigorescu’s Performances for the Camera

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016, 7 pm // Auditorium at Kunstmuseum Bonn
During the 1970s the majority of performance artists living and working in Central Eastern Europe had to carry out their actions in private and therefore ‘behind-the-scenes’. This lecture series will focus on Grigorescu’s performances and propose the term ‘social situation’ to describe the processes of production and perception as an (time-delayed) interaction between the triangle Performer – Camera – Viewer.