VIDEONALE.16 Festivalprogramm

The exhibition of VIDEONALE.16 is accompanied by a wide-ranging festival program, which includes discussions with artists, performances, round-table discussions, retrospectives, tours, workshops and educational programs during the opening weekend and the whole exhibition period.


All information about the program

Videonale.scope #4 (2016)

50 Years of Underground Film on the Rhine: VIDEONALE.scope presents a selection of classic and new works by the film makers Wilhelm Hein and Lutz Mommartz; curated by Daniel Kothenschulte 




Under the title CARAMBOLAGE four festivals in North-Rhine-Westphalia – new talents biennale-cologne, Kurzfilmfestival Köln, Tanzrauschen Wuppertal and Videonale Bonn – offer a comprehensive training program for young artists who work in film and media.



Videonale.scope #3 (2015)

The third VIDEONALE.scope is dedicated to the genre of “Found Footage” films. With retrospectives of Joseph Cornell and Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller. Curated by Daniel Kotheschulte



Video works in the living rooms of Bonn - Moderated video nights on the occasion of VIDEONALE.16

People from Bonn open their living rooms and invite you for a moderated video night with video works from the VIDEONALE.16 exhibition [VIDEONALE.16 will take place at Kunstmuseum Bonn from Feb 17th through April 2nd, 2017].


The title for each night gives a first idea about the topic and video work which will be presented.

The entrance is free and opens 30 min before we start with the screening. There's limited space, so please arrive in time (no prior registration necessary).  



30 Years – 30 Voices

30 years, 14 Videonales and more than 1000 video works presented: How have video art, and the Videonale, as one of its first platforms, evolved during this period? This question will be addressed by the retrospective 30 Years – 30 Voices, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of Videonale Bonn.



In the context of the funding program TANDEM SHAML Videonale in cooperation with Nabta – Space for Art and Culture from Cairo developed the project DETOUR in the period September 2014 – January 2015. The project aimed to develop a workshop with artists out of different artistic fields from Cairo (Egyptian and Sudanese artists) and Germany dealing with and reacting to the constant change of urban space in Cairo after the revolution. 



Videonale.scope #1 (2013)

With Videonale Scope, Videonale Bonn opens a new series of events dealing with the crossover and the interfaces between film and video art. The programme, curated by Daniel Kothenschulte, will start with retrospectives of two world-famous film artists who have influenced the film avant-garde for some forty years: Berlin-born Birgit Hein and American James Benning.




Rodney Place

A Multimedia Performance with Choreography and Projections by Rodney Place.


Angels of Stealth - are angels of deceit, of furtiveness, of cunning and, in the military sense, "the ones with the magic hood", the invisible ones. Angels of Stealth - is how South African artist Rodney Place calls his multimedia project, a vital part of which are the contributions by many young female artists: They act as dancers and performers, actresses, musicians or models.