Videonale.16 - Workshop How Do I Look? – New Perspectives on Using Point of View Shots

“How Do I Look?” will work with cameras to take a practical and exploratory approach to performing the point of view shot (1st person perspective) in cinema.
The title of the workshop originates from a conference organised in 1987 by Bad Object Choices. As in the original event, the question is intended to provoke a number of potential readings.



Workshop Videonale.16 - Generation Workshop

The VIDEONALE.16 Generation Workshops, led by artist Diane Müller, are aimed at the cooperation between older people and young folk. The workshop participants will, as a group and with the help of guided, improvised performances, examine their own reactions and those of the other participants to the VIDEONALE.16 video works, which they have viewed and intensively discussed together during the workshop. 



Workshop Videonale.16 - Intercultural impulses

During the workshop the participants will examine the video works of VIDEONALE.16 in an artistic-performative way. They will develop and discuss their own interpretations of the works’ contents and will express individual impulses in a performative manner. 



Guided tours VIDEONALE.16 and city walks VIDEONALE.16

Guided tours of the VIDEONALE.16 exhibition

Meeting point: Kunstmuseum ticket office


Saturday, 25th February 2017, 3 pm: Guided tour with Klaus Busch (working group of the Kunstmuseum Bonn)


Sunday, 5th March 2017, 2 pm: A Change of Perspective – a guided tour for young people and all those aged 55 or over. Afterwards: Coffee and cake and an exchange of ideas in the Museum Café. An offer made by SK Stiftung Kultur (Birgit Hauska and Dominik Bühler)



Video works in the living rooms of Bonn - Moderated video nights on the occasion of VIDEONALE.16

People from Bonn open their living rooms and invite you for a moderated video night with video works from the VIDEONALE.16 exhibition [VIDEONALE.16 will take place at Kunstmuseum Bonn from Feb 17th through April 2nd, 2017].


The title for each night gives a first idea about the topic and video work which will be presented.

The entrance is free and opens 30 min before we start with the screening. There's limited space, so please arrive in time (no prior registration necessary).  




In the project ZUFALL (CHANCE) children and adolescents take part in multi-day workshops which focus on theatre, creative writing and audio production and deal with video works presented at VIDEONALE.15.





In the 4th workshop series of the art appreciation project DIE AUSERWÄHLTEN, the schoolgirls from Bonn (12 to 18 years old), working together with an art mediator and three artists (from the fields theatre/performance and audio production), undertake an intensive examination of video works presented at VIDEONALE.15. With their own theatrical performances and audio plays they respond to the artistic impulses of video art





13 Schülerinnen und Schüler (Stufe 9) der Bertolt-Brecht-Gesamtschule, Bonn-Tannenbusch, haben sich im Zeitraum März bis Anfang Juni 2011 unter Leitung der Filmemacherin Lale Nalpantoglu und der Kunsthistorikerin Annette Ziegert mit den Kunstvideos der VIDEONALE.13 auseinandergesetzt.
In wiederholten Besuchen der Videonale hatten die SchülerInnen die Möglichkeit, Zugang zu einer Kunstform zu finden, die ihnen vorher weitgehend unbekannt war, und diese in der Ästhetik eines Ausstellungskontextes kennen zu lernen.


DIE AUSERWÄHLTEN 1.0 – GenerationenArchivVideonale

In Rahmen des Kunstvermittlungsprojektes arbeiteten von September 2008 bis Juli 2009 eine Gruppe Jugendlicher der 11. Klassen der Bertolt-Brecht-Gesamtschule, Bonn Tannenbusch sowie SeniorInnen im Alter von 55 - 81 Jahren aus dem Stadtgebiet mit der Kunstvermittlerin Birgit Bertram und dem Videonale Team zusammen. Ziel war es dabei, sich mit künstlerischen, persönlichen und institutionellen Archiven auseinanderzusetzen und, im gemeinsamen Dialog zwischen den Generationen, die eigenen Perspektiven zu entfalten und diese in den Ideenfindungsprozess zur Aufarbeitung des Videonale-Archivs einfließen zu lassen.




The art education project Mühlenkampf collaborated with Videonale 13.


“Mühlenkampf seeks collective strategies to constantly redesign social environments, criticism and creative exploration of existing structures. We carry out projects based on a growing but solid core of participants that expand, create and communicate deeds of urban and social actions within existing structures.