CARAMBOLAGE – Radio-Performance, public workshop-presentation and artist talk

Saturday, September 23rd 2017, 7pm
Location: Dialograum Kreuzung an Sankt Helena, Bornheimer Straße 130, Bonn


At „Dialograum der Kreuzung an Sankt Helena” Maia Urstad (city sound artist bonn 2017 / Bergen, Norway) and Dirk Specht (Cologne) present the results of their two-day workshop in a public radio performance. 


In the following artist talk Maia Urstad will speak about her artist work with Carsten Seiffarth (curator and artistic director bonn hoeren) and Raoul Mörchen.


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On Friday, September 22nd 2017 from 6pm the exhibition „b o n n   h o e r e n – s o n o t o p i a  2017“ with the award winners of the European student competition for installative sound art will open at Künstlerforum Bonn.


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Between September and December 2017, four festivals based in Nordrhein Westfalen - bonn hoeren/Beethovenstiftung für Kunst und Kultur der Bundesstadt Bonn; new talents – biennale cologne; Tanzrauschen Wuppertal; and Videonale Bonn – will be offering an extensive program of workshops for up-and-coming film and media artists on the theme of SOUND in time-based arts.


CARAMBOLAGE is a training forum for film and media artists who are making the transition from college to the professional art world. Through workshops, presentations and lectures, CARAMBOLAGE offers artists the opportunity to further their professional development, as well as to establish new contacts and network with potential future project partners.


All of the events are open to the general public. The number of participants in the workshops is limited.


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CARAMBOLAGE is an initiative of Videonale Bonn in cooperation with bonn hoeren/Beethovenstiftung für Kunst und Kultur der Bundesstadt Bonn, new talents biennale-cologne, Köln, and Tanzrauschen, Wuppertal.


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