Videonale.16 - Workshop How Do I Look? – New Perspectives on Using Point of View Shots

“How Do I Look?” will work with cameras to take a practical and exploratory approach to performing the point of view shot (1st person perspective) in cinema.
The title of the workshop originates from a conference organised in 1987 by Bad Object Choices. As in the original event, the question is intended to provoke a number of potential readings.



Videonale.16 - Workshop How Do I Look? – Neue Perspektiven auf die Anwendung des Point of View Shots

Der Workshop „How Do I Look?“ mit der englischen Künstlerin Lucy Pawlak widmet sich intensiv der Praxis der Kameraeinstellung „Point-of-View-Shot“. Diese Einstellung ermöglicht dem Zuschauer/der Zuschauerin einen Blick durch die Augen der Filmfigur. Der Titel des Workshops entstammt einer gleichnamigen Konferenz, die 1987 in New York von Bad Objekt Choices organisiert wurde. 



Guided tours VIDEONALE.16 and city walks VIDEONALE.16

Guided tours of the VIDEONALE.16 exhibition

Meeting point: Kunstmuseum ticket office


Saturday, 25th February 2017, 3 pm: Guided tour with Klaus Busch (working group of the Kunstmuseum Bonn)


Sunday, 5th March 2017, 2 pm: A Change of Perspective – a guided tour for young people and all those aged 55 or over. Afterwards: Coffee and cake and an exchange of ideas in the Museum Café. An offer made by SK Stiftung Kultur (Birgit Hauska and Dominik Bühler)



VIDEONALE.16 Festivalprogramm

Die Ausstellung zur VIDEONALE.16 wird begleitet durch ein umfangreiches Festivalprogramm mit Künstlergesprächen, Performances, Diskussionsrunden, Retrospektiven, Führungen, Workshops und Vermittlungsprogrammen am Eröffnungswochenende und während der Laufzeit.


Alle Informationen zum Programm

VIDEONALE.16 Festivalprogram

The exhibition of VIDEONALE.16 is accompanied by a wide-ranging festival program, which includes discussions with artists, performances, round-table discussions, retrospectives, tours, workshops and educational programs during the opening weekend and the whole exhibition period.


All information about the program

Führungen und Stadtspaziergänge VIDEONALE.16

Führungen in der VIDEONALE.16 Ausstellung
Treffpunkt: Kasse des Kunstmuseums


Samstag, 25. Februar, 15 Uhr: Führung mit Klaus Busch (Arbeitskreis des Kunstmuseum Bonn)



Workshops VIDEONALE.16

Zur VIDEONALE.16 werden verschiedene Workshops für jung und alt, Geflüchtete und Bonner*innen, Künstler*innen und an Kunst Interessierte zum Thema "Video und Performance" angeboten. 



Workshops VIDEONALE.16

VIDEONALE.16 offers a range of workshops on the subject of "video and performance" for young and elder people, refugees and residents of Bonn, artists and all those interested in the arts.



Video works in the living rooms of Bonn - Moderated video nights on the occasion of VIDEONALE.16

People from Bonn open their living rooms and invite you for a moderated video night with video works from the VIDEONALE.16 exhibition [VIDEONALE.16 will take place at Kunstmuseum Bonn from Feb 17th through April 2nd, 2017].


The title for each night gives a first idea about the topic and video work which will be presented.

The entrance is free and opens 30 min before we start with the screening. There's limited space, so please arrive in time (no prior registration necessary).